My part in Weeks of Contribution 2016

- Localisation

Posted by Prasanth on July 17, 2016

Hello Everyone

For the past two weeks various contributors from all over TamilNadu have been contriubting to Localisation as a part of the Weeks of contribution 2016. Here is my contribution report.

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I have been contributing to localisation in past occasionally. The best way to start contributing to any opensource project is localisation. And I have conducted couple of events in which the localisation was a part.

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Localisation can be done by many tools. Pontoon is a simple yet powerfull tool for localisation. I have used it to do my contribution.

Here is my pontoon profile.I have been suggesting words in the following projects

  • Firefox Accounts
  • SuMo
    • I am very happy to have Mr.Khaleel, a Mozilla rep, as my mentor for this localisation contribution.

      As I have conducted enough events in the past with my contributors in the past and provided the simplicity of Pontoon, I did not conduct a seperate event regarding localisation again. So we went to action straight away!

      My suggestion score is 105.

      My contributor Ms.Aishwarya made suggestions around 113.

      Thus together we made 218 suggestions so far.

      It was great to work in localisation , For those who are entering into opensource contribution,I strong recommend them to try in localisation in their mother tongue. It will give you a great boost to work more!

      Be happy by contributing!!!!

      See what we do in our #MozTNWOC2016 in twitter